Christina Aguilera Is the New Photoshop Victim


The advertising campaign of Christina Aguilera’s fragrance is based on the same photo image as two years ago. However, the image was subjected to excessive, that is too obvious and incorrect, Photoshop treatment.

Christina Aguilera Is the Latest Photoshop Victim

Those who follow the news about celebrities know that Christina Aguilera’s figure is far from perfect these days – she has gained much weight. Still, the US Weekly has recently published an advertisement of the 2010 Royal Desire fragrance, where Christina looks definitely much thinner and more elegant.

At the same time, Photoshop treatment led to a lot of errors that made the singer’s body anatomically incorrect. For example, the singer’s right wrist looks too long and intricately curved. It is obvious to any professional that one has tried to artificially make the singer’s hand thinner. At the same time Aguilera’s left hand looks as if it had two elbows – this is the result of a failing attempt at creating a shadow effect.

Christina Aguilera likes her body

One also worked on Christina’s chin – just compare it with the original, and you’ll understand everything!