What Celebs Do to Their Bodies to Get the Oscar


All the ways to success are acceptable when you are pursuing the Oscar award. This Hollywood “axiom” is confirmed every day by numerous celebrities, who willingly lose extra (and not only extra) pounds and readily gain weight if that is needed for their exciting roles.



Geniusbeauty.com decided to recall all the actors and actresses, who dared to take part in radical experiments with their own weight and received a well-deserved “reward” in the form of the most prestigious award in the world of cinema.

Anne Hathaway

For her latest ambitious project – the musical “Les Miserables,” based on the novel written by the legendary French writer Victor Hugo, Anne Hathaway not only shaved her beautiful hair, but lost almost 12 kilos (about 25 lbs) during a short period of time. She seems to have made the right decision: while predicting the possible “Oscar” nominations, the experts pointed out Anne Hathaway as a contender for the Best Supporting Actress award.


Christian Bale

Christian Bale is not afraid of experiments: in 2004, the actor literally had to starve and bring himself to exhaustion for the motion picture “Machinist”. However, the film academy members did not honor the talented actor with a nomination. The artist’s diet consisted only of water, an apple and a cup of coffee a day.


In 2010, the actor decided to change the look once again: for “The Fighter” movie, Christian lost weight, although not so dramatically, but it proved enough to give him the Oscar award for the Best Supporting Actor.



Natalie Portman

Getting ready for her role in the Oscar-winning “Black Swan” movie directed by Darren Aranofski, Natalie Portman forced her body to go through “all the circles of hell”. The actress lost 20 lbs, which was a very significant feat if to take into account her growth and petite constitution. Winning the Best Actress trophy at the Oscar Awards ceremony was a great “gift” for the then expectant mother.


Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is a woman of an extreme nature: firstly, she did not hesitate to gain more than ten kilos for the role of the charming but clumsy British woman in the “Bridget Jones’s Diary” movie, and then she lost them just as easily to participate in the “Chicago” musical, which brought the actress a nomination for the Oscar.


Charlize Theron

Renowned Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron was not afraid of “spoiling” her appearance, having gained nearly 14 pounds for a dramatic role in the “Monster” movie. This movie brought her the golden statuette.


Hilary Swank

“Million Dollar Baby” Hilary Swank had to work hard to make director Clint Eastwood cast her to his film about a boxing woman: the actress spent hours in the gym, building muscles and practicing boxing movements.


Tom Hanks

To get his first Oscar, Tom Hanks had to lose 30 lbs before the filming of the “Philadelphia” movie in 1993.


Depicting a man, who happened to be on a desert island in “Cast Away,” Tom was supposed to look accordingly: the actor had to lose 28 lbs. Tom proved to be an excellent “Robinson”, and the critics decided to award Hanks with the Golden Globe award.


Sally Field

Actress Sally Field performed the role of Mary Todd in the biopic “Lincoln”, and now she is called one of the main contenders for the Oscar award. The price of this success was losing 25 lbs!


Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey may not intend to get the Oscar, but we could not have failed to remember his shocking “transfiguration” for the role in the “Dallas Buyer’s Club” movie, where the actor played an AIDS patient. In a matter of just two months, this athletic and handsome actor has literally “wasted away”. Well, art requires sacrifice! We’re sure, there will be Oscar nominations among the actors and actresses appearing in the latest Hollywood movies, too, and, hopefully, even some without such sacrifice.



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