Beyonce and Jay-Z to Break up?


The marriage weather has drastically changed for the illustrious musical duo Beyonce and Jay Z. Love seems to be growing thinner as the two are torn asunder through disagreement over the subject of having children.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

The Hollywood couple have decided on a “trial separation” to see how things will shape with them further, with Beyonce residing in New York and Jay Z in Los Angeles.

When they happened to come together at a RocNation luncheon event a while ago, people noticed that they avoided eye contact and didn’t look pleased to be in the same room with one another.

Media Take Out’s account of the problem is that Jay Z thinks it’s time they had children, while Beyonce is unwilling not wanting to hamper her career prospects.

Beyonce, at her age 30, can still afford several years’ delay with having kids and put in some more effort into developing her career until she gets close to 40-45 and approaches the border age.

Now Jay Z, who is way ahead of Beyonce in age, being born in 1969, may feel it’s the right time for him to enjoy fatherhood before he gets too old to appreciate children as he should. That’s where the age difference tells – providing a pressure point they will find hard to get round. So, the separation is highly likely to end in a split.

For Jay Z career hasn’t been an issue for some time, he made his wad and enjoys a reputation of an astute businessman and one of the richest hip hop performers. He is running a range of ventures, is in the restaurant business and has clothing lines to his credit. He is also a co-owner of a sports bar that is gaining sway, a place called New York City Sports Bar 40/40, an hour’s drive for Southern Connecticut people on their way to N.Y.C.

Musicwise Jay Z is one of the great names at the Connecticut casino. MTV applauded his recent musical tribute to Michael Jackson that went down well with his fans.

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  1. She isn’t a small woman. It takes a lot for her to maintain her size as it is. She doesn’t want to ruin her body if she can stretch her career out a little while longer. But I think the main reason is that she knows jay-z is unattractive. I think she is worried about how the kids would look. Especially girls. He has strong genes. Just check out his family. She knows that if she has ugly babies the paparazzi will be all over it. And people will be making and publishing rude and hurtful comments. 

  2. I’ve got some news for some of you… What Beyonce & her sweetie/ ex-sweetie or whatever decide to do with their lives or their relationship is none of your business, or mine! We’ll hear about the main gist of it, after it goes down & that’s all we ever need know! As for having kids at an older age, believe you me, they can both afford to wait, if that’s what they decide. As long as they both keep up good health for themselves, & avoid drugs, tobacco, & alcohol, the kids should be okay, barring any inherent genetic tendencies. My brother & sister in-law waited until she was 39 & he was 40, before they married & had their baby girl. The pregnancy was a bit more difficult to be sure, but they did just fine! My niece is now nine yrs. old, perfectly healthy & active in soccer, & among the top ten students in her school, thank you very much! She’s a cute, talkative kid with a healthy smile! Her mother is a runner, & a professional career woman. So don’t try to tell me there’s any such thing as “too old” for a woman to give birth, at least not between 40 & 45 yrs. of age! Go smoke on that for awhile.

  3. To Be Honest I’m surprised this has taken so long to become public knowledge…the day they got together my gut feeling was it was destined to fail…I personally don’t think they are right for each other.
    it’s embarrassing…they sell tons of records but can’t make their marriage work… 

  4. It is her decision. If she doesn’t want to have children yet she has that right. People go on about HER being selfish, just because He wants kids now. Well he has built his career, she is just going strong! She has the years to wait. He is being selfish wanting her to give her time while he is already done.

  5. beyonce you over reating you now how much he loved you that why you over reating please come on you will neve find soneone who will truly love you the way jay z does men will play game and come jst to have sex and go so think twice jay z you are a men dont late her turn you down about be a father it is time go for it

  6. People are trippin’ up in the comments aha since when was it selfish for a woman to not want kids yet? Are you people kidding me? Jay Z may be ready to have kids and fully appreciate them, but if Beyonce isn’t ready yet, then it’s not right to try and think she should rush! If she had the kid, she may result in not appreciating it or showing as much love to it as much as she could if she were personally ready. Plus,its her body who’s gonna be carrying the fetus for 9 months, not Jay Z’s! People need to stop blaming her for her own personal decision. 

  7. Sounds like Beyonce may make the BIG mistake that Jennifer Aniston did money over family…How much money do these people need?? Both Beyonce and her husband are filthy rich, for God sake have your family now while you can enjoy them, DON’T loose a good man over money you DON’T need. At the end of the day it is all about family..

  8. Jay Z enjoy your lovely child that you have already. Spend as much time as you can with him/her, love him/her and be that loving, caring father that you should be. Make your child proud of you as a father. Become friends with the child’s mother so your child can have a friendly/good family relationship in his/her life.

  9. my God.i mean i personally believe that bey should consider having kids because she never knows what her future may turn out to be.jlo has kids and she still looks fabulous.but then again its beys choice if she isnt ready she wont feel happy being pregnant and this could affect the babys physical & mental those of you all who keep saying jayz is ugly please stop saying that ya’ll dont know what could happen to ya’ll tomorrow accident can change your looks and everyone is beautiful in God’s sight so stop dissing his work cause all ya’ll who think u so beautiful disect ur inside then ya’ll gone see the real beauty.jayz is a great guy cause alot of those cute guys are really dirty rugged guys full of shit and ugly rock jayz.good luck and all the best to you and beyonce

  10. 1/3 of people who had children say if they had to do it over again, they wouldn’t.

    She should do what’s right for her. Most of you on here have had no lives and are living vicariously through celebrities because you had children too early and your lives were ruined because of it.

    Do you, B.

  11. I think that Jay-z and Beyonce will make great parents. But if she doesn’t want kids, we can’t force her to. Jay-z can probably adopt a kid by himself if he has to also, so that way everybody wins- Jay can be a parent and Beyonce doesn’t have to be bother.

  12. I am not a big fan of Beyonce, but I believe she is making a very wise decision, unlike most women…by all means, I do like Jay-Z as a performer, but realistically speaking, he is not really husband material…”I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one of them.” Of course he appears to be the idea mate to some females that don’t know any better because he rants and raves about how much he admires her, spends tons of money on her, while all at the same time doing otherwise. Most women in her case would’ve dropped a baby a long time ago, seeking a meal ticket or trying to fulfill her own selfish desire without thinking about the future emotional welfare of her child. The average woman who hasn’t had a child wants to have children and the desire increases as she reaches her biological clock…trust and believe, there are far more reasons than her career as to why she is waiting to have children. It’s not that she doesn’t want them, I do believe she does, but she is taking into consideration who their father is going to be. “Everything that glitters isn’t gold”. Come on ladies, B isn’t all that happy with her current relationship status…for those who’ve been there understand. A man spending money on you doesn’t make up for his infidelity.

  13. I wholeheartly and unabashedly agree with Trish (Misery loves company!!!) and Mayson (girlie is hesitating for a reason…..) Beyonce follow your heart AND your instincts!

  14. Most Women innately have a desire to have children and especially when they are at their physical peaks and their bodies have the ability to endure the pregnancy. Surely Beyonce is aware that the longer she waits the more at risk of having a child with a deformity she becomes. If she is not ready now then she won’t ever be… so clearly there is a deeper reason for her not wanting to have child with JayZ. Is not that she doesn’t want to have children… she just doesn’t want to have them with him. Think about it… Mariah Carey has been with Nick Cannon for Less Time and has already birth Twins for him. She is already getting her Body back too.

  15. Well we can all move on now because Beyonce is pregnant!!  Five months to be exact! Jay-Z and her seem very, very happy on the VMA’s the other night when she made her announcement!  I am happy for them!1 Congrats to this very successful and talented couple!

  16. Some people are coming off sounding very ignorant. Beyonce never needed JayZ to help her career, she was big before they ever met. As a matter of fact she probably helped make him more famous & acceptable. Maybe Beyonce don’t ever want to have kids, that doesn’t make her selfish, she has the right to make that decision for herself. If JayZ wants to break up with her over that he don’t deserve to be with her. Apparently she aint the first woman that didn’t want kids with JayZ or he’d be a father by now, not 43 with no kids. JayZ is just trying to lock that down before she gets bored of being with somebody that was already a teenager when she was just one day old, and a grown man when she was 13. Jay trying to breed above his background but his success & money can’t buy Beyonce. Good for her for not allowing JayZ to turn her fine ass into his sperm rag. He better go back to Marcy Projects if he looking for a woman that’s gonna ”give ’em a baby ’cause he say so”

  17. beyonce you are acting strait up CRAZY………….. what is your problem you have amillionare at your side forever and you have to do is stop worring about youself for a minute and RELAX take exspensive FAMILY…… vactions why would you want to be pregnant at 40 you might not even be able to make babies by then………………….THINK


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