New Alcaline Diet Keeps Celebrities Skinny


There are good grounds to believe that the most famous new diet (and cookbook) of the year 2013 is going to be Honestly Healthy diet by Natasha Corrett – it has recently been endorsed by no other than Victoria Beckham. The former Posh Spice and fashion icon, 38, declared herself an ardent fan of the HH, or alcaline diet, posting the book cover in the Twitter and giving out that she loved it.

Victoria Beckham

Other fans of the diet are Natalie Imbruglia and Robbie Williams, customers of Corrett’s home-cooked alkaline meal service.

Natasha Corrett is Sienna Miller’s stepsister and an old hand in slimming; having tried out all the diets she could think of in a number of years, she came up with a system of her own that helped her to lose two dress sizes before a year elapsed.

Her great idea was to provide healthy weight loss by taking alkaline-based food; though it also implies giving up the usual stuff that’s not recommended by most diets, like pizza or wine, the main point is that it’s more a healthy approach to a diet than a common-type diet.

Talking to the Mail Online, the healthy food promoter, who founded the Honestly Healthy company, insists that she thought it out for the very reason of getting rid of “faddy diets.” That’s more of an eating plan based on alkaline intake. According to Corrett, alkaline-based food is more wholesome than acid-based one, helping optimize the body. “When your body is alkaline you have clear skin, greater concentration, shiny hair – all the things you want, with the bonus of weight loss,” explains the successful dietitian.


Corrett’s eating plan suggests you should forgo refined sugars altogether – there are so many things you can use instead, coconut palm sugar, honey, agave and others. Cow’s milk, which is acidic, should be replaced with sheep or goat’s alkaline milk. It is advisable to eat raw and uncooked foods that are to make about 70% of the meals. Mornings should start with some hot water with lemon thus boosting your alkaline levels.


Eating a lot of proteins is not considered a good idea, although Corrett’s new cookbook suggests replacing your yummiest dishes with their alkaline friendly versions, so you won’t have to forget about pizza! Her risottos and lentil salads are also very much veggie and wholesome. Honest.