The Best Photos of 2007 Part 1


Here are the best photos of year 2007 according to Wikimedia. All of them are absolutely different, they were taken in different countries by different photographers, but every picture is beautiful. Enjoy!


  1. The pictures are indeed breathtakingly beautiful, full of silence and awe and beauty, but even more than that, it is so comforting to know that another I exist in the form of the photographer of these pictures. It is an immense relief to know how minds can link up so well, as I feel I relate to these pictures as completely as the photographer. So he/she must be, not just like minded, but of identical mindset as I. That is rather strange, and maybe if we were to speak to each other we may not be able to relate to another mind as well as these pictures can, without speaking, directly link me up to an unknown human mind as if it were my own.

    To the photographer: Whoever you are, these are exactly the set of pictures I would have taken had I been in the same place, and each one of them is just as complete and beautiful as they were intended to convey.
    Thank you for publishing these on this site, and for letting me know that you exist.

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