4 Fitness Tips for a Thinner Waist


Lots of women dream of having a thin waist, but dom’t know how to achieve this. Today we will tell you about fitness secrets for a thinner waist.


1. Do not attempt to remove fat from the side abs

Anyway you will not get rid of it ONLY there. You have to lose weight thoroughly if you want a thinner waist. Muscle training in specific areas does not lead to fat burning in these areas.

2. Do not exercise the obliques!

This is the most common mistake! Many girls who go to the gym, start dumbbell side bends thinking that it will help make their waist thinner. However, the fat does disappear, it only makes the obliques grow. So – DO NOT EXERCISE THE OBLIQUES AT ALL! This does not make your figure slimmer and does not remove fat from the sides.

3. Train your back

The wider your back, the thinner your waistline looks. There is no need to laugh. Train your latissimus dorsi . In a girl’s body, they will not get too big. And you will not turn into a gorilla. However, the waist will look slimmer.

4. Train your buttocks

The principle is the same as with the back.

By the way, professional bodybuilders do not train obliques and do little abs. After all, abs is also a muscle, and its walls have certain thickness. If you over-exercise it, it may lead to thickening and visually increase abdomen. And you do not really need it.

This does not mean that you should not do abs at all. 2-3 sets of exercise per week is enough. A further load increase will be just a waste of time and energy.

In general, as you see, to make your waist as thin as possible, you need to get rid of fat without exercising the obliques. However, you should actively train the nearby parts of the body.


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