Youth Vitamins Dangerous

Do not listen to friends, who advise to take vitamins to improve you skin condition. A recent study conducted by the doctors from Seattle, showed that the use of vitamins, which have lately become very popular because of their anti-aging properties, significantly increases the risk of cancer.


Scientists have analyzed changes in the health of more than 77,000 people (men and women aged 50-76) over a 25-year period of their life. As a result, the researchers concluded that the passion for such famous “vitamins of youth” as vitamin E posed definite cancer threat to human life.

The doctors found that healthy non-smokers, consuming 100 milligrams of vitamin E a day for 10 years, increased the risk of having cancer by 7%. Those who took 400 milligrams of the vitamin per day increased the risk by 28%.

It is significant that this is not the first study that demonstrates the link between vitamin E intake and an increased risk of lung cancer. Previously, doctors claimed that the use of this nutrient provoked problems with the smokers’ lungs.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the number of cancer cases has increased after taking vitamin A, which is often presented as an extremely useful one for women’s health and beauty. Scientists have found that the risk of cancer increases by 18% due to the use of this vitamin.

For reference:
One pill of pharmacy multivitamins contains 100 to 300 milligrams of vitamin E.