Why Energetic Drinks Are So Unhealthy

Energy DrinksEnergetic drinks are advertised worldwide. They are also available in stores anyplace. Energetic drinks are marketed as the products to make us active and vigorous and sometimes promise the effects that are hard to believe in. These claims are mostly advertising tricks. There is the idea that high quality green tea is a way more refreshing than energetic drinks. Energetic drinks include various components but some ingredients are basic. Each energetic drink contains some components that may lead to serious health problems.

Here are some ingredients with negative health impacts that can cause serious adverse effects if taken in large doses.


Caffeine is the most widely used component in the energetic drinks. However, the consumption of caffeine in large quantities is extremely unhealthy.

Regular drinking of energetic drinks can be addictive.


Guarana (common component of energetic drinks) has a stimulating effect and influences the central nervous system.


Taurin is another widely used ingredient. It is a kind of a natural component, the amino acid found considerably in meat and fish. However, when we eat regular foods, our body receives the right quantities of taurin naturally. Taurin is absorbed better with vitamin B6.

We get more taurin from energetic drinks than we need. Excessive taurin is toxic for our body.

When Energetic Drinks Are Most Dangerous

The most dangerous adverse effects of energetic drinks can occur when these drinks are mixed with other foodstuffs and beverages. It would require huge funds to invest in the studies to reveal all harmful ingredient combinations. That’s what makes these studies financially impossible.

Energetic Drinks and Health

So, the energetic drinks pose a threat to your health if unreasonably consumed in large quantities. That’s why you have to be moderate with energetic drinks. Do not try to quench your thirst with them – it isn’t water. Avoid using them as a magic bullet against sleepless night. Healthy sleep is what you need to cure your insomnia. Think of them as something you can once try for new experience.

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