When Is Sun Tanning Healthy for Women?

The team of researchers from Denmark assumes that, despite the widespread belief about the dangers of sun tanning for human health and particularly for women, moderate tan, on the contrary, extends the life of the beautiful half of mankind.

Tanned skin

The researchers believe that vitamin D, the production of which is activated under the influence of ultraviolet solar radiation, prevents the development of diabetes and the formation of blood clots in the venous vessels. The scientists believe that vitamin D, among other things, prevents certain types of cancer.

The researchers’ statement is well proved with arguments. In the course of the experiment, the information about more than forty thousand women was studied. The author of the study being an oncologist, he said that the effects of solar radiation could not be considered a determining condition in the development of skin cancer, and, especially, in the spread of this cancer.

According to the scientists, a burn received from the sun cannot trigger skin cancer, since the occurrence of this disease is influenced by a number of factors, heredity in particular.

However, the results of the study show that the women, who regularly and moderately lie in the sun, have a much greater life expectancy than those who avoid tanning altogether.

Source of the image: Photl.

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