Wearing High Heels Leads to Arthritis

Frequent wearing high heels causes serious damage to woman’s health.

High heels

The women, who cannot imagine their life without high-heeled shoes, harm their health – especially if the shoes do not fit them by size. Fractures of soft tissues and joints, broken limbs, and problems with nerves may lead to arthritis. This will require surgery or injections of steroids.

Fans of heels may also suffer from ingrown toenails, calluses and other surface defects. And when your fingers are tightly pressed against each other, the skin between them is often moistened, which creates favorable conditions for the growth of pathogens. Moreover, there is a curvature of the spine and inadequate distribution of the load. In addition, high heels lead to the shortening of the Achilles tendon. Therefore, putting on ballet shoes, the woman will experience intense pain.

The study shows that pain occurs after an hour and six minutes of wearing high-heeled shoes. Every fifth woman starts to feel pain after 10 minutes. These facts have forced the experts from the College of Podiatry in the USA to create a “black list” of all shoes with the heels higher than 5 centimeters.

It is noteworthy that the younger the woman is, the higher heels she chooses. And 20% of the women refuse to go to the doctor, considering their foot problems a minor thing. Men are generally twice less likely to suffer from cracked heels, bumps and blisters.