Wearing Baseball Caps and Sandals Leads to Skin Cancer

The experts from the medical center at the University of Loyola, Ill., guided by Professor of Dermatology Rebecca Tung have found that the women who regularly wear baseball caps and sandals expose themselves to a much higher risk of skin cancer.

Woman in Baseball Cap

In her opinion, this is due to the fact that these items of clothing leave certain areas of the body open, such as the tips of the ears and the surface of the feet, which are the most vulnerable to the disease.

As pointed out by Dr. Tung, despite the popularity of baseball caps and outdoor slippers, women should preferably select running shoes and wide-brimmed hats, which fully protect feet and head from dangerous sun rays and provide the skin with sufficient protection. The professor also notes that this risk increases when taking into account the fact that most of the girls, even among those who use sunscreen, give little attention to ears and legs.

The danger of tanning under natural sunlight and artificial tanning lamps is constantly discussed by the experts, but, as noted by doctors, this tendency and the fashion for chocolate tint of the skin become no less wide-spread. In order to reduce the likelihood of cancer caused by ultraviolet rays to a minimum, the doctors strongly recommend avoiding exposure to the sun at lunch time and necessarily applying sunscreen with high protection factor on the skin, including, as it turns out, feet and tips of ears.

Source of the image: Photl.

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