Ways to Calm Yourself Down Instantly

No one could get through life without clouds gathering on the horizon bringing on heavy feelings of worry and anxiety. When these feelings overwhelm you, you find that they are extremely difficult to get rid of. You know that you would like to calm down and invite a warm serene state of mind – also other people advise you to do so – but you cannot. You need this calm state to tackle the issues and get on with your current affairs, but you are not able to get out of this quagmire of gloom. Yet there are ways to overcome the bad situation and return peace of mind. What should you do to achieve this?

Acknowledge you are troubled and furious

When you are beset by these feelings, take time to explain to yourself that you are worried or furious. Once you have done it, you distance yourself from them a little thereby taking the edge off them.

Breathing exercises

Practice breathing to tame quickly any feelings (especially negative ones) that you would like to subside.

Re-think the situation

Anger and deep concern often bring about over-emotional convictions about how the situation you are in is going to evolve. These convictions could be unreasonable and evoke a very bad scenario. Explain to yourself that the things on your mind are not likely to happen (and some are sure not to happen).

As you turn over future possibilities in your mind, watch them carefully and pose some logical questions:

  • Just how likely this outcome is to come about?
  • Do these ideas stand to reason?
  • Have I found myself in similar situations before? How did they end?
  • What could the worst outcome be? How could I deal with it?

When you have answered these queries, go over your notions again. If you feel that the road is going to crumble under your feet/car, or that the bridge is going to break apart, object firmly that the road has never crumbled nor the bridge has broken since you were a child, they do on serving people loyally.

A Wall Push Is a Good Way to Reassure Yourself

Sensory-minded people will find a strong reassurance in practicing a wall push. Press your palms against the wall, set your feet firmly and push the wall for some ten seconds, more or less until you feel the result.

Although you realize that there may be an earthquake, still the assurance of a solid wall and a reliable floor under your feet will help stabilize you subconsciously – at least right now you have the support and stability you need.

Count unhurriedly to 10 with eyes closed

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can progress quickly by counting to 10 or 20 or whatever is your own number; also, you can count backward to ensure deeper concentration. Close your eyes and move your mind away from your problems – that will do the trick!

Chew away on some gum

It has been revealed in studies that unhurried rhythmical chewing attracts the blood flow to the brain, thus helping one concentrate and retain a cool head even if you are worried out of your mind. Besides, a stick of gum will prevent you from putting into your mouth something that doesn’t fit the situation, like an unhealthy snack or downing an alcoholic drink.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Your mind is strongly linked to your body, when you succeed in relaxing your muscles you can influence the tension in your brain. It can be achieved by practicing PMR, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This practice is about first straining your muscle groups and then relaxing them. You do it from your legs and proceed upwards. As your body gets totally relaxed, anxiety fades away quickly.

By doing this, you will know when you are tense and strained, what parts of your body are afflicted, and what to do about it. With practice, it will become easier still to get relaxed when you feel you need it.

Take a short break for a workout

A workout may be the last thing that enters your head when you are down, but actually, if you can manage it, it could be of great help. A physical task takes your mind away from worries and balances the body sensations, letting yourself relax after the workout.

What’s more, exercising releases endorphins that, as Harvard Health informs us, boost mood, lessen pains, and lower cortisol levels, weakening stresses. So physical jerks can bring a quick relief if you can involve them in your situation.

Talk to a friend who can make you laugh

Let yourself get distracted by calling on a person who is friendly and funny. As you will laugh together, your mood will be restored by generating endorphins, and the tension will dissipate taking dark thoughts along with it.

Let some quiet music do its job

Think of the music you love, but one without sad lyrics and fast-beating drum rhythm. Plant yourself in a comfortable chair, lean back the head, close your eyes and lose yourself in the ambiance. Follow the music; if you feel like singing along, do it. It will give you even more endorphins.

Shift the focus

You feel bad in your current surroundings? Step out of them, look around, and head for someplace that seems to be more attractive to you. Maybe you will even take your decisions over there.

Beset by strong emotions, we don’t usually take the best decisions: overexcited, we go for survival thinking. If there is no survival issue, though, we don’t need it and we ought to take measures to return to our usual way of thinking.

Describe the situation and your attitude in writing

You may not want to discuss your position with somebody – discuss it with yourself in writing. You will see the shape of things more clearly and take your feelings and thoughts out of you on the paper.

If you feel really bad, write out a plan of maintaining a calm and collected mind frame for the next several days.

Employ lavender smell

Use aromatherapy. For example, lavender works to diminish stress; add it to your hot bath or use a candle with lavender to fill the room with the smell. Alternatively, you can use rose, chamomile, ylang-ylang, or citrus which create the same effect.

Play with a pet

Caressing and playing with your fluffy pet also brings relief, and makes you calm and peaceful. About 10 minutes can be enough, but you can indulge.

Hug somebody

As you interact with those you have affection for, touch them or embrace them, you generate oxytocin, which is also known as the “cuddle hormone.” Oxytocin makes you relaxed and decreases blood pressure, so you forget about your anxiety and concerns.

These pieces of advice are meant to reduce your troubles straight away when they haven’t become chronic yet. Should you need a more powerful technique for more lasting relief, switch on to a healthy lifestyle: see that you sleep well, eat healthy food, don’t take much alcohol- and caffeine-rich drinks. If these don’t help, enroll for mental health support.

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