Strawberries – Very Delicious and Very Dangerous

StrawberryStrawberries with cream or cold champagne – how can anyone resist such a temptation? You should, however, resist if you are well acquainted with such ailments as allergies, gastritis, gastroduodenitis, especially gastric ulcer.

Strawberry and Sickly Stomach

A failure to stay away from strawberries can cause those who suffer from the abovementioned sicknesses, experience some serious mucous irritation. The troublemakers are the seeds which cover the entire surface of the appealing berries. Those are particularly dangerous for people with sickly stomachs.

Strawberry, Gout and Hypertension

There is also a belief that strawberries are not welcomed for people suffering from gout, as the berry can worsen the joint issues. For those suffering from hypertension and taking pills based on enaphryl because of that, medics recommend being careful as well, since the substance once mixed with the evil berry can hit kidneys.

Strawberry and Allergy

Strawberries are simply prohibited for highly allergic people, since the porous structure of the berry easily stores a highly powerful allergen – the pollen.

Why Strawberry Is Dangerous

Healthy people should also be cautious, when consuming strawberries, as the berry may seem to be fairly clean, but at the same time contain tons of dangerous parasites, which arrived on it with the organic fertilizers added by the farmers. You can not get rid of those parasites by simply rinsing the berries out. You can, however, process the berries with a special device – ozonizer. Processing them with the ozone does no harm to the good qualities of the strawberries, but you surely can reduce health hazards this way.

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