Split Meals Unhealthy


Eating a little but often – this technique to lose weight is often recommended by nutritionists. However, is this popular technique really effective?


A recent research has shown that the split meals are not only useless against obesity, but can also be extremely dangerous to human health. Doctors spoke about the hazards of such meals at the International Endocrinology Conference in Liverpool.

In the course of their work, scientists found out that split meals increase the risk of gaining weight, and help raise blood levels of endotoxin – substances that activate inflammatory processes. They can also provoke metabolic disorders, according to physicians.

Finally, as the physicians have established, the frequency of eating does not affect the number of calories that a person burns per day. It has been found that people who ate little and often and people who ate much and rarely, spend about the same amount of energy.
However, the researchers were alerted that overweight volunteers, who ate five times a day, had a higher level of endotoxin in the blood compared to those who ate only twice a day.

Doctors emphasize that it is not the amount and frequency of food intake, but calorie content and energy consumption that it is important for health and weight. In order not to worry about weight problems, you need to consume no more calories than you spend.