Sedentary Lifestyle & Woman’s Health

According to American scientists and many other researchers, life is movement. As revealed in a recent study, if an elderly woman moves little and sits most of the time, she dies earlier, compared with her physically active peers.


Sedentary lifestyle and health

The researchers went about analyzing the information about 93 thousand of women, who reached the time of menopause. These observations lasted for twelve years. It was concluded that those who spent more than eleven hours a day sitting were twelve percent more likely to pass away earlier than the women who kept sitting not more than four hours per week. The risks of death from cardiovascular diseases increased by thirteen percent, from cancer – by twenty-one percent and from coronary heart diseases – by twenty-seven percent.

Will sports help?

It is generally accepted that if you exercise, you will save health and will live a long life, even if you have to sit all the other time. But it is not true, sedentary lifestyle has a major impact on life expectancy, as claimed by the researchers from Cornell University, U.S.

The specificity of the female body

Women lose muscle mass after thirty-five years, and this process accelerates after menopause. In fact, regular exercise, especially with weightlifting, helps slow this tendency, but the woman should move more in any case. Women need to find a way to stay physically active. They should think about it, starting from the middle or even very young age, the researchers note. More information about this work can be read in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.