Scientists: Coffee Is Harmless

There are numerous studies showing that coffee consumption leads to various diseases. But according to Reuters, the new work of the scientists from the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke shows that the fans of coffee will not get heart disease, cancer or type 2 diabetes.

Milk coffee destroys teeth

Rob van Dam, professor of National University of Singapore remarked that his colleagues did not encourage people to start drinking coffee if they do not like it. Nevertheless, the obtained results suggest that the drink is not harmful to people without specific diseases, and there is no need to give it up, in order to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Taking into account the results of previous studies, the scientists decided to conduct an experiment and observe the condition of the people who consume coffee. So, they gathered information about the habits, lifestyle and health condition of 42 thousand adult Germans who do not have chronic diseases. The next nine years, they examined volunteers every 2-3 years to detect cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and cancer.

The lead researcher Anna Flogel and her colleagues found out that coffee lovers do not differ much from those who do not consume the drink. For example, the 871 people out of 8689, who abstained from drink, developed chronic diseases. As for the coffee lovers, 1124 volunteers out of 12,137 suffered from illnesses. In general, we obtain about 10% in both groups.

“Our findings show that coffee consumption is not harmful to healthy adults and does not increase the risk of chronic diseases” A.Flogel says. A group of scientists have also found that the drink reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Taking into account the factors affecting the occurrence of diseases (obesity and smoking), the experts found out that the drink lovers reduced this risk by 23%. This does not mean that coffee can prevent diabetes type 2, but animal experiments have shown that certain chemical substances contained in it, have a positive effect on metabolism.

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