Saffron and Gingeng Are the Most Effective Aphrodisiacs

The effect of most aphrodisiac products is rather a myth, but some of them actually work. First of all, ginseng and saffron, as the experts from the University of Guelph (Canada) say. Today it is the most detailed and evidence-based work on the topic.

Natural aphrodisiac saffron

Canadian researchers say: compared with tablets against erectile dysfunction, natural aphrodisiacs are, of course, less powerful, but they have no side effects. In addition, if the pills are purely “technical”, the aphrodisiac products increase the libido, giving you more pleasure from sex.

In addition to ginseng and saffron, scientists have confirmed the positive effect of several exotic plants (muira puama, growing in Brazil, and maca root which comes from the Andes). Yohimbine – a substance extracted from the African yohimbe tree is also able to increase the libido.

Chocolate does not increase sexual arousal and does not give a more intense feeling of satisfaction, but it contributes to the production of serotonin-like “hormones of happiness” in the brain, so that really helps you relax and tune in to a romantic mood.

Alcohol increases the libido, but it impairs the potency, and, therefore, it does not refer to aphrodisiacs.

Source of the image: Culinaryhub.

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