Safe Suntan Myth

Safe Tan MythsOctober issue of Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research magazine features the findings of American scientists about suntan health impacts. They reveal that any suntan whether you get it from the sun or in a tanning salon is harmful for our health and may cause various illnesses, from premature skin aging to the skin cancer.

How Tanning Affects Health

The research team of experts in cellular biology, dermatology and epidemiology studied how ultraviolet light affects the skin, involving health implications of tanning salons. The findings showed the exposure to UV light cause DNA damage, premature skin aging and even cancer.

Why Women Should Avoid Tanning Salons

Published articles explain that visiting tanning salons – what’s especially popular among young women –is linked to the increased melanoma risk (the most dangerous form of skin cancer) and disables the idea of safe tanning salons. Scientists are calling to pass under 18 restriction for all tanning salons.

No Tanning at All?

One of the authors, dermatologist and the president of the Melanoma Research Alliance David Fisher, points out that the suntan, as the skin cancer, starts when DNA is damaged by UV light and, thus, concludes the suntan is harmful in its nature.

Does Only the Sun Cause Cancer?

UV radiation is one of the risk factors for cancer that is the easiest to avoid. While other factors, including genes, are also important, the role of UV light in the development of cancer is indisputable. The study says that we should discard the idea of safe suntan cherished by tanning salons.

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