Receiving Apologies May Prolong Life Span

A study by American psychologists revealed curious findings that when men apologize to women for something wrong, they can actually lengthen the women’s life span. The report on this study appeared in Health Magazine.


Researchers carried out an experiment involving two groups of volunteers. They were asked to do a math test in five minutes. Both groups were repeatedly interrupted during the test and told rudely to hurry up. Then the researchers apologized to the members in the first group while they said nothing to the second group. It turned out than women from the first group calmed down five times faster than those left without apologies. Women who received apologies felt better as their blood pressure lowered to normal faster, their heartbeat recovered and nervous system calmed down.

Since these measures are signs of good health, psychologists drew a conclusion that offering apologies to women for abuses can improve their life span. Scientists emphasize that apologies work only on women, while men don’t get the same effect.

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