Reasons You Might Need Oral Surgery

Dental pain is often excruciating and sometimes requires that you see an oral surgeon. There are many reasons that your tooth/jaw might be in pain, and you may need to visit the surgeon sooner rather than later, to prevent the pain and possible infection from getting worse. If you go to a hospital like Guys and St Thomas, they may suggest that you will need oral surgery. Here are some reasons you might need it.

Your Tooth Needs To Be Removed

Depending on the nature of the oral emergency, your dentist may determine that your tooth needs to be removed. This may happen if the tooth has experienced trauma previously, is damaged beyond saving, or is causing tooth overcrowding. A tooth can become absolutely damaged if it is abscessed, and the infection has gone all the way down to the root. The pain caused by this can be excruciating and should be treated by a surgeon immediately.

Your tooth may have experienced some previous issue which may have required some minor surgery like a filling. However, a tooth once damaged is prone to get damaged again. In a situation where that happens, your dentist may recommend the removal of the damaged tooth. Also, overcrowding in the teeth may necessitate maxillofacial surgery and tooth removal, as the teeth need a certain amount of space to be secure and strong. Another reason for tooth removal could be in the case of an accident.

Impacted Teeth

As a teenager developing into adulthood, you grow more teeth than you had as a child. The extra teeth are often referred to as wisdom teeth. Sometimes, in the process of growth, your jaw may not increase in size enough to accommodate all your adult teeth. Without the appropriate amount of space, your teeth will begin to collide and impact each other’s development. This impacted-teeth situation may require oral surgery; the teeth may need to be straightened out, or one might need to be removed for there to be space for healthy development in the mouth.

Getting Dental Implants

After having to deal with a painful and traumatic tooth removal process, you might not want to have to deal with the vacuum in your mouth where the tooth used to be. In that case, you will have to get dental implants. The implants are tooth root replacements, which are surgically anchored in jawbone. This is important so that the surrounding teeth do not get further damaged and so that you can smile confidently, without worrying about gaps in your dentition.

Dealing With Oral Cancer

Oral surgery can also be helpful for the removal of tumours in the mouth or for dealing with oral cancer. In advanced stages, the operation may be extended to areas in the head and neck.

There are many reasons you might need to get oral surgery. If you have been experiencing severe jaw/mouth pain, schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon at Guys and St. Thomas. They will definitely take great care of you.

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