Prolonged Sleep Contributes to the Stroke Risks

Menopausal WomanThe scientists have recently discovered that it is unhealthy and even dangerous to sleep for 9 hours or even more every night. As it turns out, prolonged sleep increases stroke risks for those women who already had menopause. 93 thousand women across US participated in the study. Only 5% of the women aged 79 reported to sleep 9 hours or more every night. The results of the study showed that the stroke risk in those women exceeds the risk undergone by women who sleep 7 hours per night by 60-70%.

The researchers took into account every known risk factor which can lead to stroke, yet it turned out that prolonged sleep is dangerous on its own. Doctors emphasize that it is not known for sure what the actual risk factor is – respiratory standstill during sleep, troubled sleep, or some other reason. At the moment it is also unknown whether the information also applies to males and younger females.

According to the earlier researches in this area, sleep deficiency also leads to stroke and cardiovascular diseases; this information somewhat contradicts the newly obtained one. But one this is true – menopausal women should sleep on average 8 hours a day.

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