Potato Juice Is an Efficient Home Remedy for Stomach Disorders

Specialists from the University of Manchester found that the potatoes are a source of molecules preventing the occurrence of harmful bacteria in the stomach.

Stomach pain

What’s more, these molecules are not addictive, so that the bacteria can not develop resistance against them. This makes potato juice an indispensable tool for strengthening the stomach, which helps to cure ulcers and heartburn.

It is not new that potato juice is a tried home remedy for people with gastrointestinal problems. Researchers have just decided to check whether it works – and it turned out that it does. But anyone who has ever tried to drink potato juice can hardly say that it is very tasty. Therefore, scientists have developed a procedure of the potato molecule selection and even managed to patent it. Now they propose to use this molecule as an additive to some foods, such as yogurt.

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