Plazma Brush to Rid of Fear of Dental Treatment

Some time ago, American scientists from Missouri initiated the investigation, that resulted in the creation of a dental device called “Plazma Brush”. The Nanova medical technology company took up the embodiment of the idea.

Dental Device Plazma Brush

With the help of the Plazma Brush device, dentists will be able to sanitize the diseased teeth in just 30 seconds. At the same time, the patient will feel no pain, but a slight chill instead. The “brush”, which is supposed to come to replace the drill in just a couple of years, contains chemicals aimed at disinfecting the mouth during dental treatment or surgery. In this case, chemical reactions will lead to much stronger bonds (between the tooth surface and the dental filling), so that the filling will last much longer than usual. The studies have shown that the fillings, done with Plazma Brush, are 60% stronger than the usual ones.

According to the statistics, 75% of all dental procedures today result in fillings in the patient’s mouth. These minor surgeries require a lot of money each year, but the main victims are, of course, the patients themselves. Almost all of us know this unpleasant experience, so most prefer to see a doctor at the last possible moment, when it is no longer possible to bear pain. That is why, the “plazma brush” will probably teach us to see our dentist just as often as necessary.

Clinical trials of the “brush” are about to begin. However, no side effects caused by its use have been discovered so far.