People Take Little Care of Their Eye Health

The results of an international study have shown that people are more likely to sacrifice tens of years of their life rather than lose their sight. However, only one-third of the respondents take elementary measures to preserve eye health.


These are the results of the survey, The Barometer of Global Eye Health, a new international study, during which they interviewed 11,000 respondents in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, UK and USA. The survey was developed in collaboration with eyesight health experts from all over the world, and it was also confirmed by 147 ophthalmologists from 26 countries.

The key findings showed that:

  • Less than a third of all the respondents take basic measures necessary to maintain eye health.
  • If you give people a choice, they choose to abandon the sense of taste (79%), hearing (78%), sacrifice a limb (68%) or 10 years of life (67%) rather than to lose their sight.
  • Three-quarters of people prefer to give up half their salaries rather than face a 50% reduction in eyesight.
  • 68% of all respondents said that they were aware of the measures needed to maintain eye health, but this assertion is belied by the fact that only 21% underwent regular ophthalmologic examinations over the past five years.
  • More women than men wear sunglasses (81% of women and 77% of men), keep a healthy diet (82% of women and 75% of men) and refrain from smoking (79% of women and 73% of men).
  • Married people more often underwent ophthalmic examinations for the past year than single ones (46% vs. 38%).
  • 65% of respondents who did not undergo regular check-ups said they did not have any symptoms. 60% explained it by the fact they had no visual impairment. All of these are dangerous delusions because many ophthalmic diseases occur without noticeable symptoms for the patient.
  • 97% of physicians worldwide believe that patients do not have sufficient knowledge about eye health.
  • 94% of specialists in this field noted that women take care of their eyes better than men do.
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