Ozone to Rid Women of Backache

The scientists have discovered that the gas, which is traditionally associated with global warming, may be a very effective means of getting rid of backache which so often torments women who are forced to lead a not very mobile lifestyle, due to sedentary work in particular.

Back Pain

As it has been recently established, a special ozone-oxygen mixture has a significant therapeutic effect and, according to the doctors, may soon be used as a real medication.

Ozone is a gas that makes up one of the natural layers of our planet’s atmosphere and performs the function of protecting Earth from the harmful ultraviolet solar radiation. For therapeutic purposes, however, it should be used in liquid form (which is achieved in the laboratory) and in a combination with oxygen. According to the experts from Negrin University Hospital, Spain, they expect to use a new medicine for eradicating problems with the intervertebral disks.

Violations of such type arise from the fact that the discs, which are a kind of shock absorbers for the spine, demonstrate gradual decreasing of the percentage of moisture content over the years, and the spine can thus become less flexible which increases the risk of injury. It starts to put pressure on the nerve fibers between the vertebrae, causing pain. To eliminate such problems, surgery is required in every tenth case on average. But the treatment with ozone, according to the doctors, can become a good alternative.

Source of the image: Photl.