Normal Foods vs. Organic Foods

In recent years, the majority of people have become so selective in food that they prefer organic products because they are healthier and less harmful to the environment. But now this statement is doubted greatly.

Organic Foods

The research conducted on organic and normal foods grown by the farmers in Minnesota, has revealed that there was 19 times more E. Coli infection on the farms growing organic products and using new organic fertilizers (received less than a year before) if to compare with the farms that use older stuff. The scientists attribute this to the fact that many pathogens are able to remain active up to 60 days or more in the compost and soil. One more dangerous thing is that antifungal agents are not used when growing organic foods. Hence, the risk of mold growth and mycotoxin produced by fungi. So, going to a farm or buying food in a bio-supermarket, think twice, what is indeed less harmful to your health.

Source of the image: Photl.