Non-Obvious Signs of a Weak Immunity

The main function of immunity is to identify and eliminate changes in the internal environment of the body. It is due to this ability that it works like a clock. However, if the immune system is weakened, it cannot act as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria, which, of course, is fraught with the emergence and development of various health problems. What signs might signal that your immune system is malfunctioning and needs help? How to understand that you have a weak immunity?

You are constantly tired

The first sign that will definitely indicate this to you is rapid or constant fatigue. When you wake up in the morning and already feel overwhelmed even though you slept well, this is a serious call. Most likely, your immune system is not coping with its task and is in constant stress, and therefore pulls all the energy onto itself.

Subfebrile temperature

The second sign of a weakened immune system may be a slightly increased temperature. If it stays at 37°C and above for some time, most likely, there is some kind of an autoimmune disease developing in your body. Pay attention to this and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Skin problems

If you notice the occurrence of itching, rashes, and other inflammations on the skin, keep in mind that the root cause of all this may be precisely a disturbance in the functioning of the immune system. As a rule, the consequences of many processes occurring in the body are reflected on the skin, so try to consult a specialist in time and eliminate the problem that has arisen.

You suffer from headaches

Another sign that some kind of unfavorable changes is taking place in the body is constant headaches. Of course, migraines can have many possible causes. If the discomfort is permanent, some kind of autoimmune attack may occur in the body, which affects the blood vessels of the brain and provokes pain.

Bowel problems

Constipation or diarrhea that lasts for several weeks can also be triggered by a malfunctioning immune system. If you notice such an ailment, do not rush to blame yourself for “eating something wrong.” In this case, problems with stool can have deeper and more serious causes associated with disturbances in the functioning of the intestines, which directly affect the important functions of the immune system.

Numbness in the limbs

Numbness or tingling in the hands could seem to be no big deal. If this is an isolated case, perhaps your hand was simply in an uncomfortable position for a long time. But if you encounter this regularly, the reason for sure lies in the immune failures in the body against the background of damage to the nerves or blood vessels.

Yellow skin

Yellowing of the eyes or skin is a very serious symptom that requires urgent treatment. Firstly, it speaks of the development of liver diseases, and secondly, it can signal the presence of immune disorders in the body. As a rule, jaundice also occurs with autoimmune hepatitis, a disease in which the immune system attacks healthy liver cells and destroys them.

Eye problems

Disorders in the functioning of the immune system can often provoke discomfort in the eye area. If you feel burning, itching, redness, and pain in your eyes, try to understand the problem right away to prevent complications.

You often have a cold

And finally, if you often face colds and take antibiotics more than twice a year, be sure that your immunity is weakened. Consult a specialist to determine a plan for strengthening and improving the body (for example, with the help of vitamins), getting rid of bad habits, etc.

Remember that the treatment of internal problems of the body, including autoimmune diseases, requires an integrated approach and a lot of time. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of serious deviations, listen to your body. Try to be healthy in order to feel energetic and full of energy for as long as possible.

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