Night Dreams Reveal Diseases

The specialists from the University of Loughborough are convinced that the correct interpretation of dreams may report the presence of certain diseases.


The doctors have compiled a ​medical dream book, which describes the relationship between the dreams of specific content and diseases. Frequent nightmares, as it turned out, are observed in the people with migraines, pathology of the cardiovascular system, as well as when taking beta-blocker drugs. Scientists believe that such dreams are usually associated with deterioration of blood flow in the brain during sleep.

Rapidly changing dreams are a consequence of excessively high or low temperature in the room. In addition, the frequency of dreams is often dependent on antidepressants, or may be associated with the presence of chronic back pain or joint pain.

Heavy dreams, in which a person tries to get away from someone and be safe, are characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Such dreams may signal the development of pathology of the nervous system. But such dreams, according to experts, may be the norm in case of fatigue or when a person has experienced a strong emotional stress.