Cell Phones Use & Health Risks

The debate about the impact of mobile phones on human health has not ceased, and the work of Swedish researchers from the University of Orebro is another proof of that. The experts re-evaluate the possible harm from cell phones: according to the experts, 10 years of phone use make the risk of cancer twice bigger.


Swedish scientists say it is not surprising that the intensive use of mobile phones can influence human health. Many experts claim that the risk does not actually exist, but these statements seem strange to the Swedes. According to Kjell Mild, the head of research, there is evidence showing that something still happens after ten years.

In the process, researchers analyzed the data from 11 different studies. On the basis of this monitoring, the experts have established that if you use a mobile phone for 10 years, the risk of acoustic nerve tumors is doubled. Children are particularly vulnerable in the face of this disease, as their bone thickness is much smaller than that of an adult human.

The leading researcher leader Kjell Mild convinces that people still do not have any reliable data on the harm of cell phones, so they have just a pretty vague idea of ​​how dangerous it is.

The dangers of mobile phones can be much more serious than the research says. 10 years is the minimum period for the development of cancer, the scientist concludes.

The expert believes that objective assessment of the impact of radio waves on the human nervous system presupposes investigating people who have used mobile phones for a long time. Such research has not been conducted. In addition, the experts have reasons to believe that cell phones are associated with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, though this connection is also not well explained.