Most Cancer Cases Could Be Prevented

Half of the UK residents do not realize that a healthy diet and lifestyle protect them from cancer. They blame bad luck in the development of this dangerous disease.


During the next 20 years, the number of cancer patients around the world will grow by 70%, according to WHO experts. In 2012, there were 25 million of such people. More than a half of these patients could have remained healthy if they had had the right way of life. For example, the most common type of cancer among men is lung tumor, which is caused by smoking in more than 90% of cases. But more than 60% of men and 30% of women continue to smoke.

A healthy diet is of great importance in the prevention of cancer. Even in the relatively prosperous UK, the residents have no idea that a well-chosen diet provides protection against tumors. 60% of Britons do not know what weight is directly related to the risk of developing cancer, and two-thirds had never heard of the link between processed meats and tumors. Every second Briton believes that cancer strikes those who are “unlucky.” This result was obtained from a survey conducted by The YouGov among 2,000 country citizens for the World Cancer Research Fund – a charity that is actively involved in preventing this disease.

Experts are convinced that modern unhealthy lifestyles flywheel cancer. People smoke, abuse alcohol, lead a sedentary lifestyle and gain weight. If cervical cancer is one of the tumors that develop as a result of infections, the malignancies of lung, prostate, stomach and intestines are most commonly associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. All of these types of cancer can be prevented if one treats the idea of health protection seriously.