Memory Loss Starts at 30

An average age, at which people begin to really lose memory, is 57 years old. However, according to a new study, this process can begin as early as 30 odd years.


In an online poll, conducted by one of Britain’s informative sites, 10% of the respondents said they had started noticing memory loss at the age of 40 years. 6% even said that the process started at the age of 30. The survey also showed that people over 50 years old suffered from the fear of memory loss, and many of them faced memory blackouts.

People also gave the examples of such failures: in particular, they went out of the house, forgetting to put on socks, or they forgot how to write the simplest words, and introducing themselves at a business meeting, they forgot their own name. 37% of the respondents forgot the names of other people, and 19% would always leave their glasses and keys somewhere. Some even left their beloved ones in the store.

According to the scientists, the problem of memory loss is quite fixable. Thus, it is recommended to read more books, do some crossword puzzles, or solve sudoku puzzles, and to take an active part in their children’s and grandchildren’s doing homework. According to the study, 92% of the people over 50 years try to keep their mind and memory active, learning new things. This ensures that they are provided with a cool mind and a good memory in the future. In order to remain sane as long as possible, physical activity is also very useful.

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