Laughter Facts

April 1st is Fool’s Day! Check out some curious facts about laughter and its health benefits.

April Fool's Day Laugh

  • Babies can’t laugh until they reach three months of age.
  • Laughing for 10-15 minutes burns as many calories as medium chocolate bar provides.
  • The air rushes out of lungs at the speed of 60 mph when we laugh.
  • 17 facial muscles are used to smile, but 47 are required for frowning.
  • Joyful people have 40% lower risk of heart conditions than sad persons.
  • There is a plant called laughter flower. One look at it makes you laughing like mad for half an hour.
  • If you laugh 17 minutes a day, your lifespan becomes one day longer.
  • An average six year old child laughs 300 times a day. As we grow older we smile and laugh only 15 times a day.
  • Smiling waiters get half as much again tips as their unsmiling colleagues.
  • Good belly laugh may last an hour without stop.
  • American advertising model Todd Gordon enjoys $4,000 worth smile.
  • Most smiling people live in Brazil and Cuba. Scandinavian nations are their opposites.

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