Latest Beauty and Health Trend: Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass juice, the juice obtained from wheat sprouts, is called a superdrink for youth and beauty. Hollywood stars drink it for breakfast, before yoga, and instead of energy drinks.

Fresh wheat grass juice

Wheat Grass Juice Treats Cancer

One can say that the current trend is not new. The world began to talk about wheatgrass back in the 1940-s. Some Ann Wigmore stated that she had been cured of cancer with the help of the drink. After a happy recovery, she took up the study of medicinal herbs and wrote over 30 books, including “Elixir of Life” about the miraculous properties of wheatgrass.

The scientists were interested in the recovery and conducted the studies confirming anti-cancer properties of the wheatgrass juice. The scientists from the Institute of Oncology named after Professor Petrov have also found that wheat sprouts slow down the tumor growth and reduce the number of metastases.

Wheat Grass Juice – Health Benefits

The research of the scientists has only dealt with anti-cancer properties of wheatgrass. The scientists still do not say how beneficial the impact of wheatgrass on the healthy body is. However, the composition of the juice speaks for itself: wheatgrass contains more than 90 types of minerals and vitamins required by a human body. The “green juice” is also useful due to amino acids, including lysine, which is responsible for skin and hair. 70% of the wheatgrass is chlorophyll, and the structure of a chlorophyll molecule resembles that of hemoglobin, so it actively protects against free radicals and cardiovascular diseases. The wheat sprouts contain more than 400 enzymes.

How to Make Wheat Grass Juice at Home?

One can make wheatgrass at home. You just have to grow the sprouts of wheat on your windowsill, and cut them off immediately once they reach 10-12 cm. Then mix wheat shoots with a little water in a blender.

Why Should You Drink Only Fresh Wheat Grass Juice?

By the way, it will be useless to prepare the juice beforehand: 15 minutes after the preparation of the juice, the enzyme activity is reduced, and an hour later not a trace of it will remain. The juice experts advise to drink it when the stomach is empty, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing it. Green sprouts can be added to fruit cocktails. For example, if you combine avocado, apple juice and one or more kinds of green sprouts (sunflower seeds, alfalfa), you will get a vegetarian alternative to yogurt.

Where to Drink Wheat Grass Juice?

If you are reluctant to have a “botanical garden” on your windowsill, go to a phyto-bar, since almost any vegetarian cafe gives you a chance to experience the benefits of a wheat drink.

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