Importance of Enough Sleep for Children

If you’ve wondered why your toddler or baby takes so much time sleeping, then you still don’t know what deep sleep means to the child’s growth and development. Children have a lot to do when awake; they need to play with the pets, run around with friends, and do school work.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), teens need at least 8 hours of sleep while younger kids need 12 hours of sound sleep. Sleep plays a central role in the overall mental and physical growth of the child.

For more resources, here’s how some parents are using weighted blankets to help their child sleep better. Continue reading to find out the importance of sleep for children and why you should let your child retire to bed early.

1. Sleep promotes growth in children

You’ve probably woken up one of those mornings to find out that your kid looks a bit bigger or tall. Yes, children grow whenever they sleep. Growth occurs when the body secretes growth hormone as the child sleeps.

For enough or adequate growth, your child will need at least half a day (12 hours) of sound sleep. By having a sound sleep, children get enough amount of growth hormone that facilitates their healthy growth.

2. Sleep is good for the child’s heart

Studies have shown that when children sleep, their blood pressure comes down, and their heartbeat also decreases.

Notably, the heart is a bit ‘lazy’ when your child is asleep because all the body organs are partially active. There are ongoing studies to prove that enough sleep protects your child from damaging cholesterol and circulating stress hormones.

3. Sleeps regulates weight in children

Right from infancy, if your child has a sleep disorder or sleeps below the recommended time, they are likely to become overweight.

A study by Penn State Children Hospital revealed that when parents are shown how to soothe their babies into sleeping without having to feed them, they can significantly reduce the risk of being overweight or obese.

4. Sleep helps children to think clearly

Without enough sleep, children cannot reason well. Yes, experts have shown that if children do not get the recommended sleep hours every day, it may have a direct impact on their decision-making. The child can have a hard time following directions, and this affects their brain development.

Without enough sleep, a school assignment that seems a piece of cake may appear more challenging. If you want your child to be perfect in following directions and better still, making the right decisions, you must ensure they have enough sleep.

5. Sleep boosts body immunity

Children are more vulnerable to diseases because they have lower immunity compared to adults. However, studies have shown that having enough sleep can boost children’s immunity and help them grow to become healthy adults.

Therefore, little sleep is not only dangerous to your child’s growth but also their overall immunity.

All living things need sleep to survive. Children need enough sleep to grow and take a break from their busy days. As a parent, you must always ensure your child has enough sleep if you want them to grow healthy and energetic.

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