How to Overcome My Fear of Surgery?

“I’ve been planning to have plastic surgery for a very long time. The only thing that hinders me is the fear of surgery. I start panicking as soon as I start thinking about everything that I’m going to go through. Is there a way to deal with this fear and finally get my dream surgery?”
Ann, 32

Imagine that you have the most cherished dream – you really want to get to some city, but you are afraid to take a plane. Of course, you can get there by car or train, but it will be long and sometimes just as dangerous. The situation is roughly the same with plastic surgeries. You want to change some features of your appearance so bad; you want to improve it. You can try to achieve a result with the help of cosmetology, facials, or maybe exercise, but it is a long option, which often does not guarantee the desired result. Surgery will get the desired effect in the fastest and most effective way.

Another crucial point is to understand that for the plastic surgeon, the most important thing in their profession is a satisfied and healthy patient. The doctor does everything to ensure that the patient sees exactly the changes he dreamed of in the mirror; only then is the task considered completed.

There are four crucial points concerning the safety of the patient’s health:

The clinic where the surgery will be performed

It must comply with the latest rules for plastic surgery care. First of all, it is the availability of specially equipped areas and all the necessary medical equipment.

The surgeon

Their education, qualifications, and experience. You can find this information on the clinic’s website and also learn from the patients the surgeon has already treated.

An intensive care unit

The clinic must have an intensive care unit, as well as the constant presence of an anesthesiologist-rheumatologist on duty. Without these conditions, no competent and experienced surgeon would do their work because these services potentially provide the patient’s health.

The procedure itself

Surgeries must be included in the list of care standards and be time-tested, and the surgeon must have experience in performing these surgical interventions.

Of course, even the simplest surgical procedure can have unforeseen complications. And the surgeon must be experienced and skilled enough to treat them. The best option is to go to those medical institutions that employ surgeons with extensive professional experience. Ideally, with an academic degree as well. This additionally guarantees efficient treatment and patient safety.

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