How Much Red Meat Is Harmless?

According to a new report released by World Wide Fund for Cancer Research and the American Cancer Institute, excessive consumption of red meat may lead to cancer and increase the risk of abdominal tumors in particular.

Cooked red meat

According to the recommendations of the scientists, people should eat not more than 500 grams of pork, beef or lamb per week.

The scientists recommend to replace red meat with food rich in fiber. It is contained in raw vegetables, fruits, legumes and some cereals.

Cellulose is not digested in human body. But it creates the feeling of satiety and prevents overeating. In addition, it improves the activity of our bowels and helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. Fiber reduces the activity of producing “new fat”. In addition, it has a slight diuretic effect, promoting the excretion of sodium and water. And, on the other hand, fiber is the source of potassium and vitamins.

Source of the image: Photl.

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