How to Cope with Stress

In the process of studying the nature of stress, the Israeli scientists have had a number of interesting experiments and made certain conclusions about how to cope with stress.

Woman under the stress

One can get more details about the study from a news review in the Science journal. In their experiments, the experts have used the fact that the consequences of stress are harmful to people’s psychic and health, and it is very difficult to avoid them.

And it is next to impossible to remove the problems caused by stress experienced in the childhood. The devastating influence of stress on human brain occurs due to corticosteroids which have a destructive effect on different areas of the brain when they are excessively accumulated in the organism.

During the study, the researchers conducted a series of experiments on rats. Experimental animals were divided into three groups: the first group spent three days under hard stress, the second one was placed in the enriched environment after the stress, and the third group was singled out to control the results. After the “stressful” part of the experiment, the rats had to go through a series of tests during which the experts drew the corresponding conclusions. In particular, the animals which had been moved to a diverse and bountiful environment after the stress showed the lowest level of stress. It enabled the authors of the study to conclude that an interesting and eventful life could trigger a considerable reduction of the negative effects of stress on human beings, if not negate it completely.

On a scientific level, this conclusion is presented as follows: the enrichment of the surroundings stimulates the production of proteins that promote the growth of new nerve cells. The Science journal informs that, according to the Israeli scientists, a diverse life can eliminate even the most serious consequences of children’s experience. The conclusion we can draw is to make our life richer and more diverse in order to deal with stress and its consequences more easily.

Source of the image: Photl.