How Bathroom Makes Us Very Sick

Pathogenic strains of Fusarium fungus, which are present in a usual bathroom can be a source of infections, U.S. researchers say.

Where fusarium fungi live

Fusarium fungus is well known for causing great damage to crops, but some of these fungi can cause potentially dangerous and even fatal infections for human beings. In 2005-2006 in the USA, Fusarium caused an outbreak of fungal keratitis (corneal inflammation) among people who used contact lenses.

These infections are very difficult to treat because Fusarium is resistant to most antifungal agents. Scientists from the American College of Agricultural Sciences, tested samples taken from sink drains at 500 enterprises, homes, student dorms, and public places located in several states. In 66% of the samples, at least one species of this fungus, most often associated with human infectious diseases, was detected.

Thus, it is clear that the residents of those buildings where the samples were obtained, are exposed to these fungi on a regular basis. That confirms the hypothesis that the film formed on the surface of bathroom equipment is a favourable medium for pathogenic fungi reproduction, which is extremely harmful to human health. A paper on the subject was published in the December issue of “Journal of Clinical Microbiology.”