LipsCold sore above lip can upset anyone. With such a “mark”, you don’t even want to show up in the office, not to mention for a date. All too often, alas, we face the problem in the fall. Health professionals do not recommend sex and kisses during herpes attacks. So how can you fight herpes?

How Did You Get Cold Sore?

Cold sores are caused by simple herpes virus that is able to integrate into DNA. After division the cells inherit the virus. Therefore, you can’t get rid of the herpes virus completely. The herpes virus can lay dormant in the body over a lifetime. However, such risk factors as stress, exacerbation of flue or other diseases related to weakened immune system may trigger the cold sores.

Herpes Symptoms

The onset of herpes is usually marked by bodily discomfort, the feeling of weakness, fever and itching sensation in the skin (often on the lip). This is followed by blisters that burst and form scabs.

The word “hepro” is translated as “to crawl” from the Ancient Greek. The disease starts as a single blister, but it can grow in number and “crawl” all over the body.

How to Prevent Herpes?

You can prevent cold sores by applying (as described in a guideline) acyclovir balm or penciclovir based creams on the affected part of the skin for a day after first symptoms appear. The same remedies are used for the treatment of herpes. Keep yourself warm and avoid exposure to sun.

If you get cold sores, don’t use the same towel you’ve used for the body, instead, take a separate face towel.

Home Remedies for Herpes

As soon as you feel the first symptoms, apply silver fir oil on the affected skin. The oil will create slight burning sensation. Put it on every 2 hours and before bed. Camphor oil and alcoholic solution of propolis might be good remedies as well. You can ease the pain and tingling by applying ice cube to a blister.

Forget about Cosmetics

It is advisable to stay away from skin care creams when herpes virus strikes. You can apply only anti-herpes creams and balms on the affected part. What’s more, avoid any cosmetics procedures.

Avoid Disguise

Many women try to hide herpetic eruptions under foundation creams or powder. You’d better not do it as you can infect your skin even worse.

Source of the image: time.com.