Healthy Diet Increases Risk of Obesity


The most recent Health issue ran an article saying that healthy diet really increases the risk of obesity. Scientists claim that restricted diet makes people feel constantly hungry even if they eat well. The feeling of hunger, in its turn, nudges to eat more and more while the so called emotional saturation isn’t attained.

Healthy Diet

The authors of the article emphasize that under external control people who eat healthy diet at first feel satisfaction as they realize they are doing good thing for their health, but later that is followed by the inner conflict between these thoughts and pressing feeling of hunger.

The scientists based their conclusions on the following study. First, they gave food described as tasty and healthy to one group of participants. The other group was given a chance to make their own choice. Then the participants filled out questionnaire about the feeling of hunger. The results showed those who ate supposedly healthy food were hungrier than those who were given the same food but described as tasty. Those who chose food by themselves had no difference in their feeling of hunger.

In the second phase of the experiment, the participants were given slices of identical bread. It was described to one group, however, as healthy, while the other group was said it is very tasty.

The experiment showed that those participants who ate “healthy” bread felt hungrier so they ate more bread to feel full compared to those who had “tasty” bread.

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