What Does a Healthy Breakfast Look Like?

Having a kind of breakfast that will see you through the day (half of the day, at least) is very important for your energy and spirit. It can shape your work and your attitude, so it is highly advisable that you should make it a carefully thought-out meal, balanced with a discerning mind. Have you made it up from fruit, granola and other stuff which will not undermine your health in the long way? Fine. But is it close to a perfect breakfast? Maybe not. Let’s run over the guidelines once again for the impeccable a.m. meal.


Whatever you will be eating, the wise ones point out, it must contain the perfect formula of 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% whole grain and 25% protein. The last item is the one you mustn’t neglect, for it is the key ingredient healthwise.

The thing is not only that protein gives you a moving-on power – it sets your metabolism level at the right notch. Miss out on your morning protein, and you begin the day with low metabolism which will tell later. Your feeling of hunger hinges on the quality and quantity of your meal. Skip your breakfast protein, and you find yourself starving by lunch. So you go out and overeat.

The other setback of your not having enough protein is that your body can take only 30 grams at a sitting – and the best way to fulfill your daily needs is to start in the morning. Otherwise, you will have to catch up with protein intake later in the day, and it may present difficulties.

(Fact to be considered: the daily protein dose for the average woman comes to 80-100 grams per day. For your private exact amount you have to take into account your weight and level of activity.)

If an ample meal of steak and eggs feels heavy for some, look into alternative ways to supply yourself with protein, like cheese with eggs and some vegetables.

The final piece of advice is get your protein from food as it is better by far than from powder. You know where to go for it: beef, turkey, white meat, cheese, milk, and yoghurt. Use plant protein as well (nuts, beans, seeds); to make your breakfasts more diverse include tofu, hummus or edamame into your diet.

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