Hawaiian Algae to Cure Arthritis

The research of the scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the U.S. shows that Hawaiian algae contain tiny photosynthetic organisms of “cyanobacteria”, producing compounds that can effectively fight bacterial infections.


The researchers say that cyanobacteria can be used to create drugs to treat chronic diseases from arthritis to cancer and heart disease.

In fact, cyanobacteria do not do any good for the corals, where these algae grow. In contrast, the corals die because of exposure to the active substance. According to Professor William Gerwick, the author of the study, this is an amazing event when harmful compounds may be useful to a human being.

350 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis. It is a condition, when joints are inflamed, and a person feels severe pain. At present, there is actually no effective cure for arthritis, there are medications (analgesics and nonsteroidal drugs) to relieve the symptoms, but people have not yet learned to treat the disease.