Hair Care Tips: Nourishing Hair To Make it Strong and Healthy

Compared to hair that grows in other places in the body, the hair that grows on our head is different. One way of boosting confidence is having strong healthy hair with a great hairstyle. Consequently, the scalp contains more hair follicles and sebaceous glands because it is rich in blood vessels. To prevent hair and scalp damage, use the right products and decide on an effective hair care routine.

Hair damage or loss may be triggered by a number of factors. Dryness, breakage, and brittleness are some of the signs of hair damage. Generally, real hair growth happens inside hair roots which are concealed by hair follicles. Damaged hair exposes lack sufficient nutrients in your body. Using hair vitamins can boost careful hair repair by enhancing growth and increase in hair volume.

By making simple changes to your hair care routine, products and styling; you can keep your hair healthy.

The following are tips on how to nourish hair and make it strong and healthy.

Minimizing Thermal Damage

To avoid stressing hair, it is advisable to use a straightening or curling iron at most once a week. Maintain at least a 12-inch distance when using a blow dry and remember to use the lowest heat setting. You can lower the temperature through cool setting if your hair and scalp remain hot after blow-drying. While in the shower and for at least five minutes using the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment on towel-dried hair to alleviate hair stress and stimulate the scalp.

Right Products for Your Hair Type

Conditioners and shampoos specifically formulated for a particular hair type. Daily conditioning of dry hair will help improve the appearance and boost your hair strength which will in return protect it from heat damage.

Drying Hair Gently

To avoid damaging the hair shafts, shun from rubbing and wringing your hair dry with a towel. To remove excess water and probably the best way to dry your hair is by gently pressing sections of it between the folds of a towel.

Using Hair Oils and Serums

While providing a protective layer against heat, hair oils and serums make your hair look lustrous and gleam. A hair serum that contains argan oil add body and volume to your hair while making it softer and smoother.

Nutrition and Hydration

Lack of enough nutrients in the body will result in hair damage. To prevent your scalp from becoming oily due to excess sebum or drying, drink an adequate amount of water.

Shampoo Your Scalp

Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp, not the hair. Therefore, that should always be your focus in the shower. The lather in your shampoo should be stout enough to clear out any dregs on the ends when you are washing it out.

Having a head full of beautiful hair can make heads turn. Nothing matches an individual’s appearance more than hair that is nicely styled and well taken care of. For tender clean and break free hair try shampoos with natural foaming agents that clean your hair and scalp without instigating dehydration and damage.