Green Tea May Be Bad for Your Bones

A number of studies showed that green tea extract has positive effect on the cardiovascular system in adults and prevents fatty deposits from building up in the liver. However, some scientists recently discovered that green tea weakens bones.

Green Tea

A new study was conducted jointly by scientists from the University of Oregon and University of Connecticut, USA. Lab mice with and without obesity disorders were given meals with green tea extracts in the following proportions: 0%, 1%, and 2%. The scientists examined the mice’s bones after keeping them on this diet for six weeks. The scientists examined the sizes, architecture, and mineralization of the bones. The results showed that the animals that received the highest dosage of green tea extract weighted less than the mice, which were receiving no green tea extract. The most significant changes were observed in mice, which were initially obese.

Regarding the mineral density of the largest bone in the animal’s leg, the femur, was not affected by the body weight. However, it appeared to reduce femur length, volume, and mineral content. Similar conclusions were made after researchers examined effect of green tea extract consumption on lumbar vertebrae. Results of the study were published in the October issue of the Journal of Nutrition.

The results of the study suggest that green tea can also have negative effect on human health by causing harmful changes in bone microarchitecture and reduce bone size in growing mice. However, it is not clear yet if green tea has similar effect on humans, and thus scientists believe that further studies are necessary in order to examine the effect of green tea on growth, structure, and bone mineral density of human skeleton.

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