Gaining 1 KG Linked with Health Risk

Finnish researchers from the University of Oulu claim that gaining even 400 grams of excess weight may adversely affect the health. They found that the levels of chemicals in the blood, associated with heart disease, diabetes and liver problems, increase together with weight.


If you are lucky enough to be a well-built man, you probably believe that gaining 400-500 g or even a whole kilogram of weight will not affect your health. However, if to rely on the recent study conducted by Finnish researchers, you are deeply mistaken. The researchers observed a group of initially slender people, who either gained weight or maintained their old proportions.

They found that the levels of specific substances in the blood, associated with heart disease, diabetes and liver problems, increased with any weight gain. Thus, the risk of developing these diseases grew in seemingly slim people who have gained quite a small amount of extra grams.

According to researcher Peter Würtz, every gram matters in this case. The scientists have studied the blood of more than 12,500 young men and women. Their attention was attracted by specific indicators of fats, proteins and components associated with the deterioration of health. The more people weighed, the higher indicators of these materials were observed.

Dr. Würtz watched what happened to young men and women who had been gaining weight for 5-6 years. It turned out that the smallest changes in weight led to poor blood tests, even among those who stayed slim and thin according to the body mass index. Fortunately, this study had positive aspects as well. The scientists have found that any loss of weight significantly improved people’s blood and reduced the risk of severe chronic diseases.

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