Full List of Plastic Surgery Trends 2022

Plastic surgery has experienced a peak in popularity recently. Over the past year, its trend list has included more than one fresh item. The main plastic surgery trends, which we will be guided by in the upcoming year, are described in the article below.

Today, fewer people go to plastic surgeons with photos of celebrities hoping to get the same cheekbones or eye shape. Beauty standards are defined by filters on Instagram, so your own processed photos often become the goal you want to achieve in real life. Trends in the field of radical transformations are strongly influenced by the online world, to which we are very accustomed now, during the period of the pandemic.

Trend #1: Different types of facial plastic

According to experts, the desire to improve your appearance is much more reasonable than trying on a celebrity’s face. If you do not bring your desires to the point of absurdity and trust the surgeon in the matter of proportions, some interventions can really improve and noticeably rejuvenate.

Preserving rhinoplasty. If you choose the right shape and size to suit the proportions of your face, this surgery can drastically change your life. Especially if some defects are used to cause psychological discomfort. The surgery is gaining more and more popularity due to its low-traumatic execution technique and quick rehabilitation. You can get rid of the hump, work with the back and tip of the nose or change its shape. Another plus is the possible combination of aesthetic correction with the correction of the nasal septum.

3D facelift. The effect of a tired face, pronounced nasolabial folds, and a floating oval. Facial modeling effectively removes wrinkles, loss of facial contours, and lost volume. Endoscopic lifting and lipofilling are complemented by aesthetic treatments that are tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Blepharoplasty. The number of people who want to have perfect eye contours (without bruises, bags, nasolacrimal grooves, and overhanging eyelids) has increased dramatically with the transition to the online format. This is not surprising because all beauty imperfections become especially noticeable during video conferences. The surgeon’s work with the eye area not only helps to get rid of everything superfluous but also noticeably refreshes and rejuvenates the image.

Trend #2: Plastic surgery plus care is the best youth recipe

Medicine and cosmetology have taken a big step forward. If knowledge about a healthy lifestyle is combined with attention to your body and face, we can safely say that 60 is the new 40. Age-related changes have not been canceled, but you must agree that going through all the metamorphoses with the help of modern plastic surgery is more pleasant and easier.

Progressive and gentle methods are designed for any age group – the recovery will not be long and painful. Most importantly, there is every chance to be on an equal footing with those who are younger than you, and to feel in tune with the time you live in.

Trend #3: Minimally invasive and author’s techniques

What can aesthetic surgery offer today? Minimally invasive technologies have firmly taken the lead. The absence of scars or traces of manipulations and a short recovery period attract patients of different ages and increase the demand.

Endoscopic manipulations, techniques for performing superficial lifts, and wrinkle excision surgeries continue to develop.

Author’s techniques have become fashionable, and most often they relate to an individual approach. More and more attention is paid to the individual characteristics of the anatomy of each person. Competent specialists always try to take this factor into account.

Trend #4: All-inclusive

Dedicated to those who like to get everything at once. Several defects in appearance can be eliminated during one visit to the surgeon. Of course, if the techniques can be combined.

For example, combinations of eyelid lipofilling and upper blepharoplasty or face lipofilling and upper eyelid blepharoplasty have become popular.

The combination of mammoplasty and abdominoplasty is in great demand among women who have given birth. You can work with the shape of the breasts and at the same time remove excess fatty tissue from the abdomen. In general, there are solid pluses here – from saving time and money to an attractive reflection in the mirror.

Trend #5: Men’s plastic

Today, men take care of their appearance no less reverently than women. Apart from nail salons and beauty parlors, men spend a lot of time online – their appearance is inseparable from the business. They prefer surgeries that are different from those that are popular among women: most often, they are worried about the lower jaw, chin, and facial contours.

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