Frequent Business Trips Lead to Obesity

U.S. doctors have found that frequent business trips threaten with premature aging and obesity, as the Science journal suggests in its review of the news.

Woman, trips

The scientists have discovered that business trips lead to a sharp deterioration of health if a person spends more than two weeks a month elsewhere. It is reflected in the rapid gain of weight, increasing the lower indices of blood pressure and other violations of well-being.

The experts have come to this conclusion having studied the medical records of thirteen thousand working Americans, 80% of whom spend at least one day a month in a business trip, and 1% – spend up to 20 days a month. The analysis shows that the health of those, who spend half a month in trips, is much worse than that of their more “settled” colleagues, who spend from 1 to 6 days per month travelling on business.

The link between business trips and overweight is explained by two arguments: firstly, 81% of business trips are in cars, which are associated with the need to sit for a long time, and secondly, travelling by car is most often characterized by malnutrition: business travelers often have to eat what God has sent, as the Science journal informs.

Source of the image: Photl.