Freezing Women Live Longer

American scientists have found that girls, who suffer from an almost constant sensation of cold and are forced to wrap up in warm clothes or sleep under a warm blanket even in summer, should not worry because of the irony of the surrounding people and the discomfort which this particular feature gives them.

Cold, woman

The fact is that this category of women, as shown by the recent study, has the greatest chances to live a long life.

According to the experts from Washington University in St. Louis, this state of affairs is a consequence of certain hormonal changes that contribute to the slowing down of metabolism in order to maintain the greatest amount of heat and energy. A similar effect is observed, for example, in the case of a low-calorie diet. Thus, with a decrease by 30% in the daily amount of calories obtained with food products for rats, they have recorded an increase in life expectancy by an average of 50%.

In its turn, the calorie restriction diet is directly related to the lowering temperature of a woman’s body and causes a sensation of cold. However, as stressed by Dr. Luigi Fontana, under whose leadership the 15-year research has been conducted, the process must necessarily be lengthy and, for example, a one-time taking of an icy shower or opening the windows in the room, which also evokes the feeling of cold, is unlikely to bring the same positive effect.

Source of the image: Photl.

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