Foods Irritating You


Are you used to beat down stress with chocolate, cheese, and bananas? But they can provoke hysteria and insomnia!


Avoid Chocolate, Banana & Cheese

That is because the cheese, chocolate, and bananas contain a lot of tyramine – a highly toxic substance reminiscent of adrenaline by its action. It can cause the increase of blood pressure and sugar levels in the blood, nervous system excitement, make your muscles hypertonic and cause a migraine. Do not eat tyramine-containing sweets before bedtime: insomnia is guaranteed.

Avoid Eating Overripe Banana & Avocado

The concentration of tyramine is increased in all the expired products in your fridge and in over-ripe fruits and vegetables. The leaders in the content of toxins are bananas and avocados. Especially dangerous are overripe bananas. Adults with neuroses, as well as children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder should avoid this fruit.

Eating Cheese Causes Sleep Problems

You need to keep your eyes open for fermented cheeses – they also contain a lot of tyramine. Cheese sandwich is a favorite breakfast and afternoon snack for many who lack time. However, if the cheese lovers suffer constant fatigue and sleep problems, it’s time to take a break from the favorite product, and it may help overcome the problem.

Cheese Prevents Diabetes

Bananas & Neurosis

You should not eat too many bananas because they contain a high percentage of xenobiotics – alien body chemicals that alter human hormonal balance. Bananas are imported green from the tropics, and then are processed with a special gas for ripening. In women, it stimulates the excessive production of estrogen, in men – androgens.

Banana overdose can be very unpleasant, with serious consequences for health: precocious puberty in children, menstrual irregularities in women. But in smaller doses – mood swings, nervous disorders, poor sleep. The person gets up in the morning tired, as if he or she was unloading trucks the whole night; and in the evening, he or she gets really dog-tired.

Black Chocolate Is Not Always Good for Health

You are afraid of getting fat and therefore abandoned milk chocolate for bitter dark with a 90% cocoa content? It turns out to be not so reasonable. First, to digest a chocolate, you need an artillery of enzymes. Cocoa is pretty difficult to digest, but with milk it gets easier.

Second, any chocolate contains a lot of serotonin, and the 90%-chocolate especially. It seems to be great: serotonin, also called the “happiness hormone”, gives us a good mood. But there’s a downside: it is an inflammation neurotransmitter, in high doses causing problems with the stomach and intestines.
When we get too much serotonin, we are overcome by anxiety. Furthermore, serotonin is responsible for our activity during the day. If you have taken too much of it, and the night has come, you will inevitably face over-excitement and irritability.

Paradoxically, in some cases chocolate may even aggravate depression. In fact, a depressed emotional state is not always indicative of a lack of serotonin. Heavy depression may be caused by its overdose. In this case, doctors recommend excluding foods rich in this substance for a while. And this concerns chocolate, bananas, fermented cheeses, turkey, nuts.


How Much Chocolate Is Healthy?

So what do we need to do – completely give up on bananas and chocolate? Fortunately, no – it is enough to eat them less and wisely. Giving an exact safe dose is difficult: everything is individual. One can tuck away a bar of chocolate and three bananas without any consequences, another gets a hive and a sleepless night after four pieces of chocolate and a fruit. Yet it is quite possible to describe the tactics of proper consumption of these products.

Relishing the products of the “dangerous trio”, listen to yourself. A common law: food must add strength and improve mood. If you feel depression and anxiety instead, it’s probably not your treat.
It is okay to eat 30-50 grams of 65% chocolate a day, if there are no problems with pancreas, no extra weight or allergies. It is better to eat chocolate in the morning.
You can fearlessly eat a couple of bananas a day. You must be cautious with more.
If you notice a reaction to cheese, but can not imagine life without this product, replace it with non-fermented varieties. Feta, sheep cheese, and ricotta do not contain tyramine.
No need to snack with cheese, chocolate, or a banana an hour after a tea and a sandwich. You will only reinforce the effect – the number of agents exciting the nervous system will go off the scales.
There is an antidote from the side effects of chocolate, cheese, and bananas. These are the fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, cleaning the body from harmful substances. Cereals like rice, buckwheat, oats, and millet are also good.