Foods Causing & Preventing Cellulite

All women want to have a perfect figure. Main problem areas for many are buttocks and thighs – because that is where extra weight and cellulite are the most noticeable.


But it’s not all that scary. To avoid the “orange peel”, it is just enough to eliminate some of the products causing cellulite from the diet.


Most of us start the morning with coffee. This delicious invigorating drink accompanies many of us all day long. The problem is that when you drink more than one cup of coffee a day, it reduces blood flow. Caffeine favorably affects blood circulation and metabolism only in small doses, and if you decide to fight cellulite, you should give up coffee and replace it with natural herbal tea.


It is enough to eat 80 grams of sugar, and the number of free radicals in a woman’s body increases by almost a half. Because of this, the walls of the arteries and blood vessels lose their elasticity, blood flow is reduced, and cellulite starts forming. Besides sugar increases thirst, and the abundance of fluid affects the “orange peel”.


If you do not want to be the “happy owner” of cellulite, remember: one alcoholic beverage is enough to increase the amount of fat in the blood and slow down blood circulation. In addition, alcohol increases estrogen levels in the body and prevents the stomach from absorbing vitamins. So if you decide to get rid of cellulite, do not abuse beer, wine, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.

Wheat and products containing wheat flour

Lectin is a natural element that is very toxic to the body. It is found in wheat and can cause food allergies. If you want to avoid cellulite, try to avoid products containing wheat flour. Note that it is now added to many products – for example, sauces, sausages, bouillon cubes, and so on.

Refined carbohydrates

Cereals, white bread, pasta are the carbohydrates increasing blood sugar and glucose levels in the body. Also, these products can reduce insulin sensitivity, which leads to fat accumulation. It is therefore necessary to reduce the amount of such meals in your diet if you are trying to stay slim and fit.

10 products causing cellulite

To avoid cellulite or reduce it, you need to eliminate the following products from your diet:

  • chocolate
  • ham
  • mayonnaise
  • sausages
  • salt
  • sweets
  • fat meat
  • bananas
  • beer
  • bakery products

13 foods that can fight cellulite

These products will help you to prevent and fight the “orange peel”:

  • almonds (you need to eat them twice a week)
  • boiled eggs (the fried ones should be excluded from the diet)
  • fresh parsley
  • grapefruits and other citrus fruits
  • pineapple (no more than 150 g 3 times a week)
  • carrots (in any form or quantity)
  • low-fat dairy products
  • fish – hake, haddock, cod
  • sugar-free muesli (30 g twice a week)
  • French bean
  • cabbage – Brussels sprouts, white cabbage, broccoli , cauliflower
  • sweet pepper (not more than 300 g per week )
  • purified drinking water

By following this diet, you can reduce cellulite.

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